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Accentuate the Positive

BABY, and 

An Amazing New Product! 

Return again, Return again,

Return to the land of your soul.

Return to who you are,

Return to what you are,

Return to where you are

Born and reborn.

– Shlomo Carlebach

Creative Arts Lab is proud to present its new musical adaptation of Edgar Lee Masters’ classic, Spoon River Anthology.  The 1915 arrival of Masters’ evocative and abiding volume of poems was a watershed moment in modern American poetry, and the work continues to resonate worldwide whether in its original form or as adapted for the stage.  Masters, a brilliant attorney (and law partner of the renowned Clarence Darrow), whose first and true love was the art of poetry, chose the fictional town of Spoon River, Illinois to serve as the backdrop for his incisive examination and depiction of the lives, mores and social issues of his time – and of his own experiences, yearnings and psyche.


– Martin Tackel

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